Forced Lubrication systems

forced lubrication 1
Compact, easy to operate
Automatic pressure hold
With shell and tube heat exchanger
Multipoint designs available on request
HI-FAB STS-4 series forced lubrication systems are well designed and easy-to operate buffer fluid systems of highest quality.
The base model type STS-4 is designed for pressure up to 50 bar. Higher versions are also available up to 120 bar pressure and 20 Ipm flow. Specially engineered and skid mounted single and multi-point forced lubrication systems are designed on request.
forced lubrication 2
Model STS-4 STS-41 STS-42
Maximum Pressure 50 bar 75 bar 120 bar
Flow Rate 8 Ipm 12 Ipm 20 Ipm
Reservoir Capacity 100 liters 120 lits. 180 lits.
Accumulator Type Piston/Bladder
Valves & Fillings CS
Optional lnstrumention Pressure switch / Level switch / RID
Maximum Return line temp 80°C
Cooler Shell & Tube type